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Timeline for Admission

Incoming Freshmen
***HSPT Online Registration closed Friday November 20 at midnight.***
To reserve your student's seat please print, complete and email the HSPT Registration Form 2015 (below) back to Mr. Matt Evans no later than Thursday, December 3, 2015. Bring a paper check with you to check-in on test day. Registrations received after Thursday, December 3 will still be accepted, but treated on a walk-in basis.

Applying to Saint Mark's? Here's what to Do:
  1. Plan a visit.
  2. Register for the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The registration form is below. Due no later than Thursday, December 3, 2015.
  3. Apply online.
  4. Take the test at Saint Mark's High School the first weekend in December for scholarship consideration.
  5. Prospective international students, please click here for more information.
High School Placement Test (HSPT)
Current 8th grade students should register for the Diocesan High School Placement Test (HSPT) through the Diocese of Wilmington and complete Saint Mark's online application. The HSPT is scheduled for the first weekend in December. Students taking the HSPT can use the online application free of charge. Students who miss the test (new to the area or applying late) pay a $100 application fee to Saint Mark's High School. Transfer students also pay the online application fee of $100. Click here for the HSPT registration form to send to the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. Taking the HSPT at Saint Mark's guarantees consideration for academic scholarships. The fee for the test is $65.

The bottom portion of the Diocesan HSPT Registration Form will be used by Saint Mark's High School as your permission to release current school records from your son or daughter's school to Saint Mark's High School. We will automatically send a Recommendation Form to your son or daughter's current school along with your permission to release school records. It is not required for you to submit separate recommendation forms.

Extended Time for HSPT: students requesting extended time on the HSPT should register for the Saturday test date only as there will be no extended time testing offered on Sunday. To request extended time please email the Director of Admission with a recent psycho-educational evaluation or other supporting documentation from a psychologist or qualified medical professional expressly defining the need for extended time. You can send requests to

Apply Online:
For Current Families
  1. Click the Apply Now link.
  2. Please enter your current MySMHS username and password when prompted.

For Prospective Families
  1. Click the Apply Now link.
  2. Select the Create Account link to create your MySMHS username and password. We recommend using your first and last name without spacing as your username. This is your account, not the student.
  3. After entering your basic information, select the Creat Account button.
  • Here's the good news, our system may recognize you by your email address!
  • If the system recognizes your email, then it will be highlighted in red after you press submit.
  • If this occurs, select the Forgot Login? button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive an automatic reply containing your MySMHS username and password.
  • Once you receive a MySMHS username and password you will have access to complete the online application, monitor your child's progress through the admissions process and learn more about your Saint Mark's!
The deadline for priority consideration for admission, scholarship consideration and need-based financial aid is December 21 for the following academic year. Late applications will be accepted, and considered based on availability after priority consideration is given to applications submitted on or before December 21. Freshmen applicants completing all required submissions by December 21 will receive admissions decisions, notification for scholarship eligibility, and financial aid awards on or shortly after January 15.

Rising freshmen who have not taken the HSPT and transfer students must provide the following to complete the application:
Grades/transcripts for the previous three years
Standardized test scores for the previous three years (where available)
An essay
Letter of recommendation
$100 application fee (paid by credit card online)
The class of 2019 registration form and permission to release school information found here.

To request more information, please call us at 302.757.8721.
Incoming Transfer Students
Saint Mark's High School welcomes students who may have discovered late that a Saint Mark's education is the best fit for them. Timing of your transfer application, availability of courses and prior school schedules can make transferring simple, difficult and in some cases impossible. Please contact the Office of Admission with questions by calling 302.757.8721.

To begin your transfer:
Fill out the online application for Transfer students.
Please be prepared to provide:
Grades/transcripts for the previous three years
Discipline record
Standardized test scores for the previous three years
An essay
Letter of recommendation
$100 application fee

Students and families considering a transfer to Saint Mark's High School are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. Transfer students are eligible for the Spartan for a Day visitation program. Click here to learn more.

Students studying at an American high school currently, but are not U.S. citizens, should apply as International students (not as Transfer students). For more information on the International student application process click here.

Please be aware Saint Mark's High School typically will not accept transfer applications for senior year. Families new to the area are welcome to apply as transfer students for senior year.