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Donate Blood Through the Blood Bank of Delmarva's HERO Program and Support Saint Mark's Student and Community

Members of the Saint Mark's community can donate blood to the Blood Bank of Delmarva's HERO program to support both the school and the Blood Bank's student ambassador Abby Malewski '13.
The HERO program enlists the help of schools and organizations to build the donor base that the Blood Bank needs in order to meet the demand of blood in the Delmarva area, which is approximately 350 blood donors every day.

This summer, Abby was chosen as the spokeschild for the Blood Bank of Delmarva's Summer Blood Challenge after her battle with meningioma - a benign tumor that doctors discovered only after suffering from other medical procedures and many debilitating symptoms. Abby underwent a craniotomy to remove the tumor and during the process, had a blood transfusion and two platelet transfusions made possible by the Blood Bank and its donors. She was featured in radio and TV spots and print ads and was chosen for her strength and resilience in dealing with her traumatic experience.

By sponsoring a HERO Blood Drive, the Saint Mark's community helps save lives and positively impacts the greater community. Although the current Saint Mark's blood drives support the program, greater participation is always needed and can be done throughout the year. To participate, fill out a HERO card anytime you donate at a Delmarva bank and write St. Mark’s as the school for which the donation is being made. The school HERO program runs from September 1 to August 31 each year.