Arts:  Only those students enrolled in AP Studio Art have a summer assignment. Please see the Power Point.
English:  See Summer Reading Assignments
Health and P.E.:  There is no “official” summer assignment. Stay healthy, eat well, exercise, and enjoy summer.
See downloadable assignments 
Science:  AP courses only.
Mr. Holland will email AP Physics students in August so that they complete the assignments closer to the start of the class.
Social Studies:  AP courses only
Theology:  There is no “official” summer assignment. Pray regularly and give glory to God!
World Language: AP Spanish only
Returning Saint Mark's Students:
Summer work is now available.  Students will complete the required work for the grade you will be entering in the fall along with the grade level. CP1 is now called Academic.

Navigate to the Resource Tile
Login to MYSMHS
Select "RESOURCES" from the top banner
Select "SUMMER ACADEMIC WORK (Grades 9-12)" 
Any questions, please contact Mrs. Protas at
Incoming NEW Student Summer Work 
Our academic team has sent student course lists to families via email. 

For English summer reading, please take note of the specific academic level your student is assigned to and find the corresponding reading assignment.

For Math summer work, please take note of the specific academic level and course your student is assigned to and find the corresponding PDF file. As a reminder, our academic levels are academic, college prep (CP), and honors. 

Please access the summer work files here: 2024 - 2025 Summer Work

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