"The Saint Mark’s admissions process was smooth and efficient — better than we could have ever imagined! My husband and I did not grow up in this area so we relied on friends and our children’s former teachers to help start our high school search. When we initially considered Saint Mark’s, we were not aware of how amazing they would be. The people in Admissions know you from the moment you first contact them. Whenever we encountered a concern, they were there by our side to guide us through it by phone or e-mail. I can’t tell you how many times we contacted them, but each interaction with the school staff made us ever more certain that this was the right place for our daughter. It truly felt like home from the very beginning, and we feel blessed to be part of the St. Mark’s family. As we prepare to begin the admissions process again for our second daughter, we know that they will once again be at our side making the process as seamless as possible. The Admissions team is an amazing group of people who take tremendous pride in their school and school community—and now, as part of that community, we do too!"

-Jennifer Jackson
Class of '25 Parent

"The Saint Mark's Admissions process was first class all the way. We had the opportunity to visit a number of schools, who all did a good job, but Saint Mark's did great! The attention to detail was evident from our first interaction until the last. Questions were covered in detail, there were great opportunities to attend events, interact with faculty, and speak with coaches. The follow up to anything we asked was phenomenal! The staff even made sure to follow up on items that weren't asked directly but they felt like it was an additional opportunity to engage with students. We felt the pride the staff took in the school, from the beautiful campus to the belief that "All Things are Possible". If felt like HOME from day one and we are looking forward to many years for all of our children."

-Jim O'Donoghue
Class of '24 and '25 Parent