Meet the dedicated parents of the Saint Mark's Parent Admissions Committee!

These dedicated Spartan families have joined our Admissions Department to go a step further in helping you as a parent, and your family, maneuver through the admissions process and learn everything there is to know about Saint Mark's High School!

When it came to the high school selection process, learn why these families made a confident choice in selecting Saint Mark's High School - the premier center for education and ministry within the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.



  • Location: Cecil County, MD
  • Children's Grades: Saint Mark's Alumni '19 and '22
  • Children's Middle School: Christ the Teacher Catholic School
  • Children's Colleges: University of Maryland
  • Children's Activities/Interests: Cheerleading, Blue/Gold Club, Spartan Ambassadors, SADD/YELL, Muscle Movement Fdn. Club, Soccer, Student Council, National Honor Society.
I am a proud Spartan Alumna and Alumni Parent. We live on the eastern shore of Maryland, about an hour from school. At last count, I've put about 90,000+ miles on my car since my kids started at Saint Mark's - and every mile has been 100% worth it! When we're not on campus at Mass, at an open house, SPARTA-Q, athletics game or additional school function, our family enjoys spending time on the Chesapeake Bay.  



  • Location: Wilmington, DE
  • Children's Grades: Class of 2026 and Class of 2027
  • Children's Middle School: Brandywine Springs School
  • Children's Activities/Interests: Spartan Ambassador, Cheerleading, Muscle Movement Fdn. Club, Soccer, Esports, Wrestling and Lacrosse.
Becoming a part of the Spartan family has been the best decision we could have made. Saint Mark’s offers the solid foundation built on faith, academic excellence and athletics/extracurricular activities that we believe will prepare our children for their future. The opportunities are limitless and the sense of family is priceless. If we’re not at a game or school event cheering on the Spartans, you’ll find us enjoying the Eastern Shore!



  • Location: Newark, DE
  • Children's Grades: Alumni ' 20 and current Senior
  • Children's Middle School: St. John the Beloved School
  • Children's Activities/Interests:  Student Council, Math League, Spartan Ambassador, Muscle Movement Fdn., Blue/Gold Club, Lacrosse, Academic Challenge, SADD/YELL, Math Madness
In addition to being the proud Spartan Mom of Katie (Class of 2022) and Alumnus Shane (Class of 2020), I am a passionate clinical oncology research professional. When my husband Jeff and I are not cheering on our kids on the field, you’ll find us enjoying the Delaware beaches and bays.



  • Location: Wilmington, DE (Hockessin/Pike Creek)
  • Children's Grades: Alumni ' 18 and current Senior
  • Children's Middle School: Independence School and Cab Calloway
  • Children's Activities/Interests:  Student Council, Spartan Ambassador, Muscle Movement Fdn., SADD/YELL, Blue/Gold Club, Key Club, Theatre, Mock Trial, Chorus, Science Club, Girls' Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball
As an educator (currently a kindergarten teacher at St. John the Beloved), I am continuously impressed by Saint Mark's High School. The endless opportunities it continues to offer students has been a blessing for my children's growth and has played an integral part of their development from teenagers to young adults.