Coed vs Single Sex: Social Outcomes

When social implications of SS education were examined, it was determined that it can lead to prejudicial views, stereotyping and inequality (Halpern, et al.). Whereas in CE settings, both boys and girls are able to take on leadership roles, which offers all students the opportunity to experience different management styles and personalities; aiding in dispelling gender biases. Saint Mark’s Chief Financial Officer, Celeste Barr echoes this sentiment, stating “Males and females often have a very different perspective on a similar situation. It is the sharing, listening and understanding that can often make the difference and offer solutions that one homogeneous group would not provide.” In taking into account all of the scientific based evidence in favor of CE, it is easy to find why a Saint Mark’s, coeducational experience is one of undeniable value.
Source: Halpern, D., Elliot, L., Bigler, R., et al., (2011). The Pseudoscience of Single-Sex Schooling. Science, Volume 333, pp. 1706-1707. Retrieved from