Saint Mark's Esports Center Open House

Saint Mark’s High School, a state-wide leader in Esports, invites educational and industry professionals, along with Esports coaches and teams, to a first-hand look at the new center.

Saint Mark’s welcomes educational and gaming industry professionals, along with Esports coaches and teams of any level, to come and explore our newly opened Esports Center. The creation of this 1200+ square ft. facility, along with the hiring of a full-time Epsorts Manager, has positioned Saint Mark’s as a leader in the state of Delaware and beyond. We look forward to connecting with fellow educators and coaches/teams at any level – elementary, middle, secondary and collegiate, along with companies and organizations in the gaming field.
This is a come and go as you please event. Registration is required as school will be in session. Teams/groups only need one person to register but will be asked to indicate the number of people attending.
Game on!