Every year, Saint Mark's recognizes those individuals who have lived out the school's mission through Professional Achievement, Service to Saint Mark's, and Service to Humanity.

We congratulate our past Hall of Honor recipients and eagerly await the announcement of the 2023 honorees and their induction into the Hall of Honor on Sunday, November 5 at 11 am at the Hilton Wilmington/Christiana. Please stay tuned for more information.

To be announced

Previous Saint Mark's Hall of Honor Recipients

Joseph A. Dawson '73
Anne Marie (Dolan) Eanes '75
Marie Dikeman Holliday '84


Col. Melissa A. Zebley ‘87 
Mr. William “Ike” Eichinger 
Mrs. Deborah A. (Cini) Fols ‘73 
Ms. M. Joyce Tannian ‘83 

Mr. and Mrs. James Groff
Mrs. Margaret (Carney) McCaffrey '73
Rev. James Nash '80
Mr. Joseph O'Neill
Mrs. Geraldine Talley

Mrs. Linda Fischer
Ms. M. Kathleen Phillips-Giles '75
Mr. Matthew U. Smith, Jr. '76

Mr. Roger Crozier
Mrs. Phyllis D. Dougherty 
Mr. E. William Hartsky
Mr. Thomas Lemon '73
Mr. Thomas Rosa

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Monica Corrozi
Mrs. Barbara Reilly
Mr. Dennis Salter '79

Ms. Rose Marie Curran
Mrs. Diane Frantontoni '74
Mr. Peter Jones, Esq. '75
Mr. Ronald Russo
Mr. Dennis Swartzfager

Mrs. Margaret S. Christoph
Rev. James T. Delaney
Mr. Joseph T. Parker

Mr. L. Gene Alessandrini
Ms. Rachael M. Ali
Rev. Howard T. Clark
Mr. Rob Phillips '83

Mrs. Pauline Citro DeAscanis
Mr. Henry Ganbascorta
Ms. Anna V. Graham
Most Rev. Thomas J. Mardaga D.D.
Mr. Steven Watson '75