Saint Mark's Musicale Extraordinaire

Saint Mark’s 50th Anniversary
Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Saint Mark’s Theater
Alumni Performance – Directed by Jeff Santoro ’87
  • Saint Mark’s Alumni will perform songs from musicals at Saint Mark’s during the first 50 years. 
  • We will select songs using the theme, ‘LOVE’ One Another.
  • Everyone is invited to attend with no admission fee.
  • There is a free-will offering after the show that will benefit the Performing Arts Department. 

Alumni Participants are needed!
(Class of 1973 to 2020)
One Day only with a Practice at 2:00 p.m. prior to the show
(Dinner included for volunteers)

Vocalists and pianists are needed for large and small choral groups. You do not have to be a soloist. All music and lyrics will be available in advance.
  • Click here to contact Pauline Citro DeAscanis 
Instrumentalists are needed for an on-stage orchestra, band, and small ensembles. All music will be available in advance.
  • Click here to contact Joe Dawson ’73 
Other Volunteers are needed to create a booklet program, create a slide/video presentation, publicize the event, join tech/stage crew, decorate the lobby/stage, bake finger foods or snacks, organize food/drinks, and clean up. 
  • Click here to contact Anne Harrison Smith ’74 

Sign up to help to make this an extra special event!