About Mr. A

Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini, or Mr. A as he became known, worked at Saint Mark’s and at the Diocese of Wilmington for 41 years. He believed strongly in Catholic education and championed our students. The Saint Mark’s community was his extended family.

Mr. A gave so much to so many during his years of service to Saint Mark’s. He is known for and appreciated for many things:
  • for knowing a student’s name from the first day they entered the school and for the many years after graduation, no matter how many years had passed;
  • for making students feel special and guiding them throughout their high school years and beyond;
  • for being a good listener and a fair disciplinarian –just like a father – to his students;
  • and for ensuring that high school was a time of great memories for thousands of families.
Mr. A helped so many people and now is our time to help current and future Saint Mark’s students in the name of this wonderful man.

To find out more about how you can make a difference, contact Mike Carney '76 at 302.757.8729.
...a prime example of a true Spartan, someone who cares for everyone and who is committed to selfless service and action. This campaign aims to capture his spirit of giving back, so that every current and future Spartan may take part in his legacy.

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  • What is the Mr. A Campaign for Students?

    A fundraising campaign for scholarships and financial aid so that current and future students can call Saint Mark’s home.
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  • Goals of the Campaign

    The campaign will fund two important areas for Saint Mark’s students: endowed scholarships and financial aid. These areas provide deserving students the opportunity to attend our great school.
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  • Why Give?

    Saint Mark’s was built on the Catholic values and great efforts of individuals like Mr. A, and students benefit tremendously from the education and experience that they receive at Saint Mark’s.
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