Penn Museum Creates Virtual Classroom at Saint Mark’s High School

The project provides students in the Saint Mark’s 9th grade Honor Social Studies classroom with access to key education personnel and archaeologists at the Penn Museum by using a creative combination of video conferencing technology and the Museum’s hands on collection of teaching objects.

Literally bringing textbook pages to life, students can dialogue with professionals that “beam” from the Penn Museum into Delaware classrooms to interact directly with students. Saint Mark’s Social Studies Chair & Alum, Guy Townsend, who spearheaded the collaboration efforts said, “Technology plays an ever increasing role in effective teaching.  Students are able to see the role it plays in other areas of education outside of STEM.”

The Museum’s popular Loan Box object lending program allows Saint Mark’s students extraordinary opportunities through inquiry, object analysis and hands-on activities. The students are studying the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece and the Virtual Programs and Loan Box objects offer fun practical entry points to connect with academic content. 

“As our student’s academic needs continue to increase, the partnership with Penn Museum Learning Programs will be a great way to provide world-class enriching academic experiences in the classroom and beyond," said Saint Mark's Principal Richard A. Bayhan.

The program, already underway, provides a series of four virtual workshops until November and a site visit to the Penn Museum in October. “Our excitement continues to grow with each program,” said Ellen Owens, Merle-Smith Director of Learning Programs.  “We look forward to developing a deep relationship with Saint Mark’s this year and in future years to come.”

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