At Saint Mark’s High School, we value diversity and the unique qualities that each student and faculty member brings to our school community. Our Catholic faith is taught and integrated into all classes, and it is precisely because we are a Catholic institution that we welcome students from all faith communities, and even the global community, to join us at Saint Mark’s.

Saint Mark's offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum for students in grades 9 through 12, featuring a broad selection of course offerings including 45 Honors classes and over 18 Advanced Placement classes.

Most international students will attend Saint Mark's beginning as a 9th or 10th-grade student and remain until graduation. We do not accept international students for only their senior year or at the start of the spring semester. Please also note that we do not allow students to repeat a grade.

Applicants are granted admission based on the following criteria:
• Transcripts indicating an above-average academic ability
• Superior English Proficiency as determined from TOEFL or SLEP scores
• Letter of recommendation with evidence of the student’s abilities
• Proof that the student is responsible, honest, cooperative, and respectful
• Evidence the student is self-motivated and able to organize personal time
• Timely submission of application forms, documentation and application fee.
For all international students interested in attending Saint Mark's, we require you to submit all application materials through New Oasis International Education,