Our Vision: To serve as the premier center for education and ministry within the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.

Our Mission: To inspire young men and women to make the world a better place, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others.


Everything is possible to one who has faith. Mark 9:23

  • As an extension of the Diocese of Wilmington’s educational mission in the Catholic Church, Saint Mark’s High School provides an atmosphere for learning that is infused with Catholic virtues and includes Catholic teaching, traditions, worship, and service.
  • The school welcomes parents, the primary teachers of their children in the ways of faith, as essential partners in the catechetical and educational formation of their children.
  • The school is a welcoming and nurturing community, centered in Jesus Christ, where students are formed and transformed by Gospel values.
  • Our community provides an environment where young people are imbued with Gospel values and become confident leaders who embrace their relationship with God, self and one another.
  • Since each person is made in the image and likeness of God, our community strives to be one in which all are respected, accepted, and loved.
  • The school promotes an appreciation of all faith traditions which enhances the spiritual growth of all students.


Let your light so shine as to be seen and be useful. Mark 4:21

  • The school provides a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum that exemplifies excellence in education.
  • The school encourages students to achieve their best in mind, body and spirit.
  • The faculty incorporates a variety of instructional strategies that respect and address individual learning differences to optimize each student’s educational experience.
  • The school provides a wide variety of co-curricular activities to facilitate the development of the whole student and provide leadership opportunities.
  • The school is committed to continuous improvement by providing ongoing professional development for faculty and staff.


Anyone who wishes to be first shall be last of all and the servant of all… For even I, the Messiah, am not here to be served but to help others. Mark 9:35, 10:45

  • Each member of the community strives to put God and others before self.
  • In order to make the world a better place, all members of the community are called to share their God-given gifts and talents with others.
  • The school is committed to selfless service and action.
  • The school encourages all members to embrace social justice, to advocate for the less fortunate, and to pursue a life-long commitment to Christian service.
  • In our multicultural world, the school prepares and inspires students to be active, informed, and responsible contributors to the global community.


The sower sows the word ...Those who hear the word and accept it will bear fruit. Mark 4:14, 20

  • The members of the community strive to model Christ and to do what is right in all circumstances.
  • The members of the school community integrate strong moral beliefs into all areas of their lives and endeavor to be honest, responsible and trustworthy.
  • As a member of a Catholic community, each one is respected as an individual and encouraged to accept his/her gifts and limitations.
  • All members of the community are accountable for their words and actions.
  • The entire community is strengthened through open, honest and constructive communication.

2501 Pike Creek Road, Wilmington, DE 19808

Phone: (302) 738-3300   Fax: (302) 757-8704
Saint Mark’s, a college-preparatory coeducational Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility, and integrity.